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5:00pm - Divine Liturgy for Sunday
Liturgy Notes
Special Liturgy Notes for Great Lent and Pascha

NOTE: As of Saturday, 2/29/20, Divine Liturgy will be held in the Chapel instead of the main church. The chapel is located on the Baird Street side of Holy Cross Church. Please enter through the Baird Street entrance. Parking is available on the street and in the parking lot in front of the convent and school.

2/22/20: Cheesefare Sunday; Sunday of Forgiveness; Commeration of the Fall

     Tone 4 

     Rom 13:11-14; 14:1-4,  Mt 6:14-21 "When you fast..."

2/29/20: First Sunday of Great Lent; Sunday of Orthodoxy

     Tone 5 

     Heb 11:24-26;32-40;12:1-2,  Jn 1:43-51 "You shall see heaven..."

3/7/20: Second Sunday of Great Lent; Sunday of Relics; St. Gregory Palamas

     Tone 6 

     Heb 1:10-14; 2:1-3,  Mk 2:1-12 Healing of the Paralytic

3/14/20 Third Sunday of Great Lent; Sunday of the Holy Cross

     Tone 7

     Trisagion: "To Your Cross we bow..." instead of Holy God..."

     Veneration of the Holy, Precious, and Life Giving Cross

      Heb 4:14-16; 5:1-6, Mk 8:34-9:1 "Deny yourself, take up your cross..."

3/21/20  Fourth Sunday of Great Lent; St. John Climacus

     Tone 8

      Heb 6:13-20, Mk 9:17-31 The Possessed Boy

3/28/20  Fifth Sunday of Great Lent; St. Mary of Egypt

      Tone 1

      Heb 9:11-14, Mk 10:32-45 Third Prediction of the Passion

4/4/20 Palm/Flowery Sunday

       Festal Tone

       Phil 4:4-9, Jn 12:1-18 Entrance into Jerusalem

4/11/20 PASCHA - Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

       Resurrection Matins and Divine Liturgy

       Festal Tone

       Acts 1:1-8, Jn 1:1-17

******Bright Week - No fasting or abstinence

4/18/20 Thomas Sunday

       Festal Tone

       Acts 5:12-20, Jn 20:19-31 "My Lord and my God..."

 4/25/20 Third Sunday of Pascha; Sunday of the Myrrh Bearing Women

       Tone 2

        Acts 6:1-7, Mk 15:43 - 16:8

5/2/20 Fourth Sunday of Pascha; Sunday of the Paralytic

      Tone 3 

      Acts 9:32-42, Jn 5:1-15

5/9/20 Fifth Sunday of Pascha; Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

     Tone 4

      Acts 11:19-30, Jn 4:5-42

5/16/20 Sixth Sunday of Pascha; Sunday of the Man Born Blind

    Tone 5

     Acts 16:16-34, Jn 9:1-38

5/23/20 Seventh Sunday of Pascha, Sunday of the Fathers of the First Council of Nicea

    Tone 6

     Acts 20:16-18;27-36, Jn 17:1-13


    Festal Tone

    Acts 2:1-11, Jn 7:37-52; 8:12

6/7/20 Sunday of All Saints

    Tone 8

    Heb 11:33-40; 12:1-2, Mt 10:32-38; 19:27-30