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Byzantine Catholic Church In America -

The unofficial site of the Byzantine Catholic Church in America (Ruthenian). This page contains links to just about anything Byzantine and Eastern Catholic.

Institute of Catholic Culture -

Founded by Melkite priest Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo. A treasure-trove of orthodox Catholic educational material from both East and West.

Melkite Greek-Catholic Eparchy of Newton -

Website of the Melkite Greek-Catholic Eparchy of Newton. The site has numerous resources related to the Melkite church and the Byzantine Christian tradition. There are also links to Sophia Press, and online copies of Sophia, the Eparchial magazine and other spiritual references.

Royal Doors (Ukrainian Greek Catholic) -

An online resource focused on the Ukrainian Greek Catholic tradition. It offers a daily meditation on the scripture of the day (Ukrainian Typicon). It also hosts an online version of Christ Our Pascha, the official catechism of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church - a masterpiece which uses the Anaphora of St. Basil the Great as a backdrop for the Catechesis.